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low cost dental Reviews & Tips

low cost dental Reviews & Tips

low cost dental notice that that money is positive  notice that that money is positive so as  a result what you’re now able to do is manage your workload now what happens  what happens if basically the the number in the middle approaches the number on  the left in other words you’re low cost dental  giving more and more discounts because more and

low cost dental

more people are coming in we give you  three options to deal with that situation first if the patient is coming in on the third week of January or wants to low cost dental why don’t you schedule them for the  first week of February why refer them to another month because in the first week of February you’re getting another forty two thousand dollars in your

discounts  gone down to zero so as a result you can refer the patient to the next month second if the patient needs to be treated at that immediate period of time for example their emergent refer them to  a specialist because we pay you eighty percent of the money collected but % goes to specialists it’s a different pool so a specialist is happy to do the

work and there’s no penalty  low cost dental to you and the patient  still yours third if the work doesn’t belong to specials let’s say it’s a filling and you still are too busy to do it or you don’t like the economics on the deal you turn around refer it to a rollover office we have tons and tons of  dentist who want to develop associates who say hey wait a minute you know

I’m already covered on my fixed costs I’m already really profitable for my non Pro care patients you have turned my revenue into profit because of this Pro care  program I want my associates to grow in skill so let them do the work let them build up their skill surgically to get more and more experience on low cost dental  a procedure so you have three options to manage the workload so that you are always paid better