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Waterpik | teeth whitening | Dental Care

Waterpik | teeth whitening | Dental Care

  • Waterpik whose jaws weren’t  developing who had Waterpik diseases that I could not explain all
  • I could do was fix their teeth and it I  was becoming disillusioned with my work so I actually took time
  • Away from my practice and I was actually in Europe  taking some backpacking time and I was in a hostel in

  • Istanbul and on their shelf was a there was a shared reading show where you leave your book and go on  
  • Your ways and there was this book called nutrition and physical degeneration and so I didn’t know what that
  • Was in my seven years of practice I had not heard  of Western a price and so I picked it up and I was like
  • What is this you know you don’t normally see dental books on the textbook on their own on any

Shelf right  yeah and but I opened it.

  • I it was a completely different language to me you know I did not understand or comprehend .
  • What this what this book was about from a very casual perusing it and so I  looked at it and I kind of you know you see its got .
  • Photographs and I kind of discounted it but I came back to it probably a few years later and went into a deep dive and the story of Western .
  • Price is just fascinating yeah  he was a dentist from Cleveland Ohio who practiced in the early th century and he thought .
  • That his patients were looking much sicker than what he what he’s seen in his previous years of practice so he had a theory that the modern diet was to cause and so as he  said .