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I recognize Dental Insurance Michigan there are a couple of questions that regard the compriso n between‘re n micro stereo perforation and also a vibration type of technique and in Dental Insurance Michigan in the one-hour session tonight don’t have time to really go through that comparison however yes vibration techniques.exist and we going to .

try Otto cover some of that in the future episodes so we do have a three-part series and hopefully in the second or third session we’ll start to cover a little bit about what what vibration and how it might compare to the the micro-st or perforation techniques I don’t I don’t have that information prepared for you this evening so on


that note I’d like to thank everyone for coming out tonight sitting in on the webinar and I appreciate all of your time I know this will be recorded so if there’s anything you feel like you missed or didn’t get a chance to jot down I hope I left that last kind of chart up for a while for you it will be a recorded webinar you should be able to look this up in a

later date watch it again just to pull out any information you might have missed the first time again it’s the first part of a three-part series so being that it’s the first part of a three-part series we look forward to catching up with you again in September and then I believe February and we’ll certainly make an announcement as to the kind of topics

but the general scheme of things is going to be that that next one-hour session we’re going to get involved with the more moderate to severe cases so today we introduced mild to moderate and just touching on those two cases at the end bringing it to a moderate orthodontic conditions the next visit we’re going to talk about more severe orthodontic

conditions and now they might benefit from the mop technique thanks again for your time and have a wonderful evening